Mystery Fig Number Two: please help ID this big, red, luscious fig

The fruits of this mystery fig are large and red, with an open eye. They have a distinctive melt-in-your-mouth quality.

People were very helpful in identifying the first mystery fig I posted as being almost certainly Celeste, so I’m back with another unidentified fig variety. My temporary name for this one is “Big Red”, because it has some of the largest fruits I’ve seen on a fig tree in this area (most of our local figs are smaller fruited types here in North Florida).

Fruits are colored red inside and out, with a distinctive soft, melting texture that I call a melt-in-your-mouth-fig. None of the other local figs I’ve tasted have a texture quite like this one.

Fruits have an open eye, or ostiole. Despite this, they seem to ripen their fruits well in our rainy summers without losing many figs to souring.

Last year (2017) the fruits ripened in September, this year it was July. I haven’t seen the trees make any breba figs, only main crop.

This fig variety has an open, spreading growth habit.

The fig trees of this variety have a distinctive open growth habit, in contrast to the compact, bushy growth of ‘Celeste’.

This is another one that is in my neighbor’s collection of fruit trees – he was given fig plants from friends who assured him they make really good fruit (which they do) but unfortunately the name didn’t follow along with the fig propagation.

I’m working on propagating this excellent variety, and I’d like to figure out its proper name before I distribute any, so I don’t add to the confusing jumble of fig names by distributing plants under a temporary name.

If you have any thoughts on what the actual name is for this excellent fig variety, please leave a comment. Thank you!

Hopefully the leaf shape will be helpful for someone who knows their figs to identify this variety.

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9 thoughts on “Mystery Fig Number Two: please help ID this big, red, luscious fig

    1. Thanks – I’m planning to post this there, too. I’m posting here first both to own my data and make available to readers of my website the info request & whatever answers I find out about the ID. But yes, I’ve recently discovered the wonderful ourfigs community, and I’ll be putting my info requests there as well, where the knowledgeable fig experts there can see. Thanks!


  1. Figs are so delicious. I am quite jealous of how well they grow in the northern part of the state. It is probably the one fruit I wish could grow very well in South Florida. I have to look into what varieties do best for my climate.

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    1. I recently got a message from someone in Miami who said he’s growing a number of fig varieties, and having good success. He said the ones that have done best for him in terms of taste and production are ‘Smith’ and ‘JH Adriatic’. He’s willing to trade cuttings. I’ll message you his contact info. Also, I have a Ficus species that is a great nematode resistant rootstock for figs, and it seems very tropically adapted – that might be helpful in growing figs in your area as well.


    1. Thanks for commenting, and for the suggestions! I’ll check on those varieties. No definite ID on this one yet. I think I need to take this one to the experts at, and see what everyone thinks. I’ve got a few other fig varieties that are head scratchers that I want to get identified.


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