I love hearing from people.
But before you contact me, please read a couple of things.
First, if you’re wanting to ask if you can visit my property: the place is currently an overgrown mess. I’m working on it. Walking around the property is NOT like a real-life version of scrolling my Instagram feed. (My Insta photos are captures of short-window episodes of fruiting, and the pics are carefully framed so as not to include mess or weedy overgrowth. Also, while many of the photos are taken at my property, many are taken at several other local farms.)
Second, I’m a fruit geek, not a fruit expert. I especially don’t know much about plant pathology, so if your question is, “My fruit tree is sick, can you tell me what’s wrong with it?” I probably won’t be able to offer much help. (Check with your local agricultural extension office for questions like that.)
Okay, with that out of the way, feel free to give me a holler!