Plants For Sale

My nursery is a very small, one-person operation, located in Citra, Florida (halfway between Ocala & Gainesville). On-site sales only, open by appointment (no shipping). If you see anything on the list you want, let me know, and we can set a time for you to stop by the nursery. My schedule is usually pretty flexible to set nursery appointments.

Availability of plants changes rapidly. I will try to keep this list up-to-date, but it may sometimes lag behind actually availability.

-Seed-grown plants from ‘Del Rio’ and other Mexican cultivars, 3g, $25
-‘Del Rio’, grafted and air-layered, 3g, $65
-‘Fantastic’ grafted, 3g $50 (this cultivar appears very similar to Lila/Opal and may be the same)

-‘Winter Mexican’, grafted, 3g $50

Cattley Guava:
-Red (aka “strawberry guava”), 3g $25
-Yellow (aka “lemon guava”), 3g $25 (sold out)

Cherry of the Rio Grande (Eugenia involucrata/aggregata):
-Seed-grown, 3g, $25

-‘Celeste’, own root, 3g $25 (sold out)
-‘LSU Gold’, own root, 3g, $25 (sold out)

-Purple (Sabarah), 3g $40; 15g $200
-Red, 3g $60; 15g (fruiting size) $250

Kadushi (aka Peruvian Apple Cactus):

-var ‘Don Knight’ (self fertile, nice flavor), 3g $40

-‘Ellen Marker’, grafted, $75


‘Himalayan FSP’ is the most delicious mulberry variety I know (and I’ve eaten a lot of really good mulberries). It took me years to figure out the trick to growing it in North Florida – it needs to be grafted onto nematode tolerant rootstock. I finally have grafted plants available, so that more people can enjoy this phenomenal taste of this outstanding variety.

-‘Himalayan FSP’, grafted onto nematode tolerant rootstock. 3g, $60
-‘Bryces Worlds Best’, own-root. (Very productive, large oval fruits. Nematode sensitive) 3g, $25
-‘Thai Mustang’, own-root (A Thai var. with large black sweet fruits, nematode sensitive) 3g, $25
-‘Sixth Street’, own-root (nematode tolerant, reliable, good flavor), 3g, $25

Royal Bamboo (Bambusa textilis ‘Kanapaha’)
3g $48