Bring On The Fruit, And Get Your Geek On!

I’m excited to start this new website, devoted to exploring the fruit we can grow here in the Sunshine State.

Here are my plans for the site.

There will be some useful information guides: general fruit-growing information (to help you grow fruit trees), how to get up to speed using botanical names (so you can speak geek when you talk to other fruit people), where to get the best varieties of fresh-off-the-tree Florida fruit, and fruit tree propagation guides.

I want to share lots of updates on my own fruit-growing projects: what I’m grafting, how I take cuttings, and what’s fruiting at my place. I’ll do lots of site visits to fruit-growers around the state, with reports on the fruit varieties and growing techniques people are using.

And I will post lots of photos of luscious mangos and tangerines and canistels and lichis and persimmons and muscadines and figs and carambolas and… plenty more kinds of luscious tree-ripened loveliness!

Stay tuned. There’s lots of good stuff on the way.

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