Here is a selection of fruit videos I’ve posted to Youtube and Instagram. I’m still trying to figure how best to incorporate videos into this website. In the future I might embed them into posts. Putting all my videos on one page could eventually turn into a very long page. For now, here are a few fun ones I’ve posted, all on one page:


Here’s a 60-second video montage of the Tampa Bay Fruitluck event I attended on Feb  24, 2018:


Juicing tangerines at my place:


Making ice cream from nothing but jackfruit:

Here's how to make jackfruit soft-serve ice cream, from nothing but jackfruit! Just freeze the jackfruit segments, and run them through a Champion juicer. That machine gives the resulting "nice cream" the most amazingly rich, creamy mouth-feel, featuring the full jackfruit flavor explosion with no added oils at all. This technique also works great with mango, banana, and mamey sapote. We had a tropical fruit "nice cream" party, where my friend Michael made dairy-free, oil-free, soft-serve ice cream out of jackfruit, "Rajapuri" and "Mysore" bananas (two top-quality dessert banana varieties), and a fantastic variety of mango that he's calling "Antigua". I almost couldn't handle all the deliciousness – we were all floating on a tropical fruit high for hours after eating all that. Chefs and restauranteurs take notice: serve this, and you will have many happy repeat customers. #jackfruit #nicecream #MoraceaeMonday #dessert #healthydessert

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Brian chopping coconuts at the Gainesville farmers market. (Since I posted this, a number of Instagram accounts with large followings have shared it. As a result, the total number of views of this video is now well over 100,000.):

Brian demonstrates his amazing machete skills cutting coconuts at the farmers market. Before I came to Florida, I only knew mature, hard coconuts – I didn't know what a wonderful tropical delicacy immature coconuts are. In case you're unfamiliar with them, here's the story. When a coconut first forms, the husk and shell are soft, and at first there's no meat, just coconut water: a clear, nutritious liquid that has a sweet, nutty flavor and makes a refreshing drink. As the coconut matures, the husk and shell gradually toughen and the meat forms, starting as a thin, jelly-like layer that becomes thicker and more solid over time. This young coconut meat is sometimes called spoon meat, because you can scoop it out with a spoon – it's SO yummy. At any stage of development, a few skilled machete strikes reveal the treats within. (I like the mid-stages best, where you get both the coconut water and the jelly.) After you've drank the coconut water, you can bring your coconut back to Brian and with one or two machete blows he'll slice it in half, so you can scoop out the delicious jelly-like young coconut meat. #coconut #coconutwater #greencoconut #tendercoconut #coconutjelly #Cocosnucifera #tropical #paradise

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