Florida is a paradise for lovers of tropical fruits and not-so-tropical fruits.

From exotic mangos, lichis, and chocolate-pudding fruits in South Florida, to luscious peaches, figs and persimmons in the northern areas of the state, and citrus everywhere between, Florida boasts a diversity of fruits unrivaled in the continental U.S.

The Florida Fruit Geek website is for all of us who love eating Florida’s fruits, and also for those who love growing them.

On this site, we talk about how to propagate, care for, and harvest the best varieties for each part of the Sunshine State, and other areas with similar climates.

For folks who aren’t growing their own, we’ll have seasonally updated lists of farmers markets and pick-your-own operations where you can get the best varieties of fruit, tree-ripened to perfection. For out-of-state fruit lovers, we’ll profile operations that ship top-quality Florida fruits to wherever you are.

Dig in to the site, follow us, have fun, and enjoy the fruit!

-Craig Hepworth